Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dark nights and the dentist part 5

So on the first day of my holidays I got to go to the dentist!!! Two hours, an ativan and lots of freezing I now have temporary crown - the new one will be coming in the new year.

Captain Hook's Revenge starts tomorrow - we added another show on Sunday because tickets have been selling like hot cakes. However I am also very very tired. I haven't got a lot of sleep lately but have discovered Wake Ups - they contain about 4-5 cups of coffee and kick in pretty fast.

I apparently need to since Kristy and I missed our cue in the last dress rehearsal. However the cast on stage covered very well.

Tonight will consist of lots of sleep and relaxation!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow dogs

So we took the dogs to park - we haven't bee since it snowed, they had a great time - Cosmo is a little small but can get around okay, Kiri just bounds around like a bunny

Of course Joe and Cosmo went for a swing. Joe likes the swing and Cosmo loves going up in his lap when he swings.

Kiri chases Joe around:

All tired out from all the fun

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New pictures of Kiri

I love her ears in this one

It's unbelivable how fast she is growing up. New pictures of Kiri:

Captain Hook's Revenge

Come one come all to KWLT's pantomine Captain Hook's revenge.

Captain Hook's Revenge

In this new take on the classic tale of Peter Pan, Captain Hook plots his revenge against the young boy with the help of his crew of enthusiastic but inept pirates. With the help of the Lost Girls and other Neverland locals, Peter has to find a new wife for the chief of the Neverland tribe, a mother for the Lost Girls, and save his new English friends from Captain Hook's fury.
Captain Hook's Revenge is a traditional English Pantomime. An English tradition for the Christmas season, Pantomime involves wild plots, memorable characters in colourful costumes, song and dance. Brave heroes and crafty villains, knock-knock jokes and lewd humour all combine to make Pantomime fun and friendly for the whole family to enjoy. Audience participation is strongly encouraged – lest ye walk the plank! - check out the trailer!!! Cut and paste the link.

The dentist - parts 1 through 4

So about two years ago I had a root canal done and before I had the crown put on I had no benefits so the I didn't get a crown. Along the way the tooth cracked and since I have benefits now I decide it's time to fix it. The Wednesday before Halloween I went in and made an appointment. That night I was eating a brownie I took a large bite and thought "Oh I didn't know these brownies had walnuts." Well it wasn't a walnut it was a part of my tooth. So I call the dentist the next day and they fit me in on Friday. So I go in a x-rays are done and a temporary filling is put in. They make another appointment. I get there and they remove the temporary filling however my gums have grown and they are in the way so the pull back the gums (owww) and put in another temporary filling in an attempt to push the gums back. I went in again this Monday however the gums haven't been pushed back enough so I get to go in again Monday coming up. If the gums still haven't receded enough I get to have the gums removed with a laser. Now the problem is the corner of my gum - it's quite thick and they don't know why. If there is just gum then everything is fine. If there is ligament or bone then I get to have gum surgery. I find out next Monday oh joy!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

Because I am such a big kid I still love dressing up even if it's only to hand out candy. I must have done a good job because a little boy said to me "Are you a real vampire?" It was so cute. I wanted to dress up the dogs but Joe drew the line - Cosmo hates it anyway but Kiri would probably be game. Rachel and Avery came over - Avery was Hannah Montanna and Rachel was her manager - never watch the show but the actor is Billy Ray Cyrus. Here are some pics!

She's growing up

And apparently teething :)

Kiri is no longer in the basement for the day when we head to work. She actually gets to stay in the house all day. Cosmo seems to be okay with it too. They sleep most of the day away anyway. However....puppy proofing the house has become vital. The second day Kiri was out this is what we came home to.

And yes she got into the puppy treats - it's a bag of "Beggin Strips" (in the shape of bacon). So now we have puppy proofed the house. Although you can't see it she chewed a CD - a freakin' CD and yes, she has chew sticks and chew toys!

She also seems to love rolling in crap and digging big holes :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was good. We went up to Joe's parents and decided to give Kiri a bath so she would be nice and white and clean - we went to park later and she decided the dig this great big hold in the ground and got very very dirty in the process - here is a pic of our dirty girl.

So it was back into the bath she went:

We did eventually get to his parent - this year there were 13 people and 4 dogs Cosmo, Kiri and Joe's parents dogs Molly and Maggie - Molly is the brown poodle and very jealous - she is used to be the centre of attention and wasn't this weekend - the nerve of the new dogs!! Kiri and her aren't really ever going to be friends but her and Cosmo seemed be fast friends.

We all dined on turkey and stuffing while Kiri seemed to enjoy my smelly old sneakers.

mmm... sneakers!

By the end of the day we endedup with full bellys and two tired little ones.
all cuddled up with mom

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's official - we're parents

At least to the dogs anyway. We get up in the middle of the night. I clean up poo and don't get even slightly angry at the guilty part and I consider 8:40 sleeping. Lastly, I fell in love at first site. My little girl is sleeping beside me and my big boy is on the other side. It's amazing that I can be exhaused at work and I come home and then I see the dogs and I am re-energized. Maybe they have some sort of caffine in them. I love coming home because they are so happy to see me and vice versa. I am one very happy woman!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anyone want a puppy??

So Joe usually comes home and noon to let Kiri out and give her some more food (she gets fed 3 times a day). Today he couldn't do it and asked if I would. I, of course, said yes. So I get home and the first thing you have to do is pick Kiri up - she's in basement all day - and put her on the grass so she knows to pee there. So I get home, open the basement door and pick her up and put her outside. She pees I then notice her paws are covered with poo - not just the front two but all four.

I go inside and the bottom 1/2 of the door where she jumped up and down is covered with poo, the side wall is covered with poo, there is poo ground into the stairs in the carpet and the entire floor in the basement is pretty much covered with, you got it, poo. So I spent 40 minutes cleaning up poo and walking the dogs making me 20 minutes late for work.

And since I did a fast job it happened again when we got home at 5 to a much much lesser degree. Now it's done (took about 1.5 hours) and I steam cleaned the floor because she pees down there.

I picked up some puppy training pads so we'll see how those work out.

Oh the joys of having new puppy but let's face it she's totally worth it and so much more. I love my little girl and my big boy so very much!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And they call it HUMANE??

So we decided to get another dog to keep Cosmo company during the day and spent literally like a week and a half at the Humane Society going every day and introducing Cosmo to other dogs because it is the Humane society's policy that dogs do what's called "Meet and Greet". There were some meets that went fine and some downright not good meetings. Rich the shiuzu was a good match but were down on the list (it's first come first serve) and then we met Kyra (now named Kiri) and six month old terrier cross - first meet and greet went okay. The second meet and greet was in the atrium and we realize Cosmo HATES the atrium. It's loud, distracting and there is no neutral territory. So he literally sat in my lap and shook - keep in mind Cosmo has never been socialized with other dogs except for a few months when he was pup. He didn't know how to act around other dogs.

Crystal and the HS was awesome, she was the one that suggested Kiri in the first place. Jenny was the one who put them in the atrium. The next day Kiri and Cosmo spent TWO hours together and did fine, they were interacting and there was no fear - oh did I mention it was outside and Jenny was observing. We put in the application and they tell us to come on Monday and pick her up. We ask "do we need to bring Cosmo" they say no.

So Monday rolls round, I work through lunch so I can leave early and get there. Long story short I get told that a complaint was put and it was suggested because of the "fear" Cosmo displayed we shouldn't get the dog and I asked if it was Jenny who made the complaint. And sure enough it was. I was then told we wouldn't get Kiri unless a manger saw a meet and greet - so I have to race home, get Cosmo and race back. Long story short they were fine and we got Kiri.

I should point out that I have never met anyone so negative as this woman. It was like she wanted Kiri for herself. She told a volunteer that we had said that the volunteer "shoved us" out of the corral - that was lie and she actually said "Look I told you I would try and find a match for your dog and you obviously want this dog even though I don't recommend it." I feel like I should make a complaint. She's supposed to help dogs find homes.

But we got Kiri and below are some picutres of our six month old little terrier cross.
And by the way - she and Cosmo played for 40 minutes off leash in park tonight!

Isn't she a cutie!!

I don't know what they are looking at but they have the same expression

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have realized that this has been too long in coming and a lot has happened. I have a new job which I started in May - I work at Gowling Lafleur Henderson for two great lawyers. David does general litigation and Adam does construction law. Rachel and I quit JRC at the same time and started at the same time. She works as wordpro specialist.

I am in yet another play with KWLT - Captain Hook's Revenge - I play Plague the swashbuckeling rat and my friend Kristy play Bubonic (get it rats...bubonic plague - ha ha). The first read though is the tomorrow night. It's the first time I've done a family play that I hope we get a lot families out.

We also have my new baby who has been living with us for 2 weeks now - Cosmo. He is a 7 year old miniature poodle and absolutely adorable. Tomorrow we are picking up our 6 month old new pup - Kiri . Right now Cosmo pretty much ignores her but we are hoping they become fast friends. We will be crate training her so that should be interesting. I will be posting pictures of her in the next day or two . Below are some pictures of my little man.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Has it really been almost a month?!?

It's been awhile since my last post and I am going to blame my busy busy life for that.

We wrapped up Earnest about 2 weeks ago and I would be going through withdrawl but since i am now "Doris" in The Wedding or How It All Came Off by Jack Neary and the read through was tonight and it goes on it June so it's back to rehearsals but not as intense as Earnest.

Rachel and I have signed up for pole dancing class - no were not becoming strippers but it is supposed to be really good for your arms and abs - and it was - the next day we couldn't even raise our arms - I have a new found respect for the upper arm muscles that strippers have now (lol).

To top everything else off I have soccer at least once a week. Busy busy busy.

My new job starts in three weeks but I only work for the next two. My replacements starts in one week so I will sit with her for a week before abandoning a sinking ship!! I am a little pissed she's getting paid 6K more than me but I letting it go because getting and staying pissed accomplishes nothing - the office manager bitched to me about her potential paycut - seriously -- whatever!

So my degus were losing hair and I thought it was only one but then it was a second one. So I took them to the vet - who suggested I bring all on them in. I was there for an hour and she did do a through check but I just about died when I got the bill. $230 to find out that there were no mites, no ringworm but she really didn't know what was wrong. She said they may be "barbering" each other - which means tearing the others hair out so she suggested that I buy more cages and seperate them for two weeks but let them play. So I did however the first day I let them play I actually saw them tear hair from each other.

So it cost me $230.00 freaking dollars to find out that they are just mean to each other and now they have to be seperate forever so 366 Bankside Drive has now become Degu Street.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More work stuff

So this is what happened yesterday.

Mrs. H and I set up an appointment fore her to come in a get me documents I need to prepare her claim. She suggests Tuesday but can I stay late because she has to wait for her husband to get home so fine I say I'll wait for later. So I grab extra clothes and prepare to stay and then go right to rehearsal. She calls me at 2:3o to cancel. I point out that I rearranged my night and she gets all snotty - then she asks what time I get in in the morning. I say "nine" she says "I'll see you then." I came in at 8 to make sure everything is ready and I had an interview at a placement agency at 7. Guess who doesn't show until 11:49 yep you guessed it Mrs. H.

I have seriously got to get another job. These people (a) don't realize how much I do (b) think they can talk to me anyway they like and (c) think Ron does most of the week - if they only knew!!

Not going to take it anymore

So I have decided to look for a new job - yesterday Ron gave me yet another task - so I tried to tell him about all the work I have and freaks out and says "That's why I told you to come in and we can prioritize" I said "Everything has to be done right now" So he yells " I don't need you walking around out there all uptight. And you have been for the last few weeks." So I say "I don't think I'm being uptight." and he says "Well I do. That's all - thank you - shut the door when you leave." So I left and I plan to leave that jackass and the firm too. He's said before "If you leave the firm shuts down." So f**k it - maybe you shouldn' t talk to me like a piece of crap. And this is not the first time - in fact I've lost count so when he asks why I'll tell him no problem.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Enough already

Okay seriously Mother Nature has got to stop it. 15 cm last and 30 more on the way. I will shovel but I don't have any whereto put the snow. So last night I was shovelling when Joe got home when he left for class and hour later and continued -for a total an hour an 40 minutes. So by my calculation that was 15 cm so 30 cm should take me 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Oh and my shovel broke - that's right my shovel cracked about 30 minutes in. I fully believe that if your shovel breaks then there should be no more snow. So my poor little red shovel is no more. Note the crack down the centre now it works but just not well.

So I figure I should get new shovel since there a storm acomin'.

So I stop off at the Super Centre which is where I got my little red shovel two years ago. So I get there and find someone eventually. I find that the bigger the store the harder it is to find someone to help you. So.... I ask the guy and he laughs (not the time buddy, not the time) and he says "we don't have shovels" and I say "you used to have shovels right?" and he says "Yeh but that was the begining of winter. You should try Canadian Tire."
So I head to Canadian Tire. Now I can't find show shovels so I find someone.... eventually. So I say "do you have snow shovels?" and he says "we got 4 dozen in but I think that they are all gone." So he calls someone and I wait about 10 minutes and someone calls back and yep you guessed it no shovels. So by my calculation in the last few days 48 people came in and bought shovels. So he says "you should go to Rona." So I say "Could you call Rona to see if they have shovels so I don't waste a trip?" So the CT guy hands me a phonebook and WALKS AWAY. So I look up Rona and try to call with the phone on the desk but it's just for paging people. So I grab my cell phone and call and Rona has shovels.
So I head to Rona and spend $23.72 for something I did not want to do something I don't want to do. Here is my pretty new blue shovel.

And here they are side by side - my old red shovel and my new blue shovel. It's not as wide but I suppose it works just as well.

I guess I'll find sooner than later.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Does anybody listen anymore

What is up with people these days? Are we so wrapped up in what we have to do or say that we have stopped listening?

The phone number at work here is 886-2020 - unfortunatley the optometrist down the street has a phone number that is 885-2020. The phone here is answered "Good (time of day) thank you for calling Mr. Culley's office. How may I help you" And the response frequently is "I'd like to make an appointment to for eyes OR I'm calling to confirm my appointment for tomorrow." Our receptionist has been tempted on more than one occasion to just make an appointment and hang up. I understand the numbers are very close BUT people listen to her or me or whoever answers the phone - it seems we are too caught up in what we want to say that we stop listening.

What irks me even more is when voicemail picks up and it goes through the name, the address, the e-mail etc AND people still leave messages for someone else - for example Mr. Neilson (it doesn't even sound like Culley) gave the cancer society the wrong mailing address so his tickets were returned and customer service called and wanted to know could he call and give them the correct address - apparently Mr. Neilson left the wrong phone number too - ha ha - so I call and spend 10 minutes of my valuable time trying to clear this up because I can't just call - they have to pull up his file and check his information and ask me what the information here is and then yes have to ask me if there is a Mr. Neilson here - really c'mon stop making me want to bitch slap you - if there was a Mr. Neilson here don't think I would have said that within the first second or two!!

Or someone calls the optometrist and leaves a message on the machine that they won't be able to make their appointment or will be late and yes we have to call Dr. Sloss and inform him we were told that their patient was not coming or will be coming late.

So please people listen to that message as annoying as it may be - you just may be calling the wrong number and some people just may not pass on the message.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vroom vroom

So...Joe drove himself to work today - yah!!! That just means he's further along the road to recovery--- mostly I think it was because he has physio and 10:00 a.m. and then two mid-terms to write which will catch him up with the rest of class.
Other than that not much new at my end - work is going better than it did yesterday although I could use a vacation! Didn't we just have a long weekend though :)
Oh well Easter is coming up quickly and I get March 21, 2008 off which isn't that far away I can't believe that even with a leap year February is almost over - now if we could just get rid of this snow!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Five categories

Well I have been lax about posting so I am going to do what I normally do and blame Joe :)

So what's been going on? Well, I'll break it down to categories

JOE (aka the gimp)

Joe had his first physio last week which seemed to go well. He's also getting around with one crutch and can do dishes, make dinner and laundry - it may take a little bit longer but it gets done - he can't vaccuum or shovel snow but he's on the mend! Words cannot express my happiness.


The cast of TIOBE (the Importance of Being Earnest) has been off book for a week now and it seems to be going well. The performances are April 3, 4, 5 (my birthday!!!!!) 10, 11 and 12 (movie night!!!). I am getting pretty excited. Tim had us get together over the long weekend to tape the FMM and Abott and costello skits so hopefully I can get a copy to send to my parents.


I have missed the last THREE games - two staying home with Joe and last Friday because we drove up to Joe parents for the potluck ... okay I drove up B-A-D-L-Y. Even though my accident was years ago I still am scared driving in the dark on roads I don't know. I tend to get more nervous when the road curves to the left than the right (I mean that's just weird right?) I also tend to drive slow and break a lot around the corners. Anyway I plan to look into a defensive driving course to get some of my nerve back. Anyway this was about soccer - I got a call from Jen to play all girl soccer this summer and I couldn't have been happier. I missed it but not enough to put up with the crap that goes along with it.


Mediations, examinations and pre-trials oh my! I can't remember when work has been quiet and I guess it's great because I have a job but oh vey I wish I could just have a slow day or six where I could get caught up and relax.


Still never seem to get enough and I find I am tired a lot - I haven't lost anymore weight but then I haven't gained either - I find that I haven't been eating quite right which contributes to the tired but still sleep sometimes eludes me and since I require 100% quiet to fall asleep Joe's symphony of snoring keeps me up later than I want - seriously sometimes even earplugs don't help.

Well there it is my life summed up in five categories.

Monday, February 11, 2008

So....'s back to work for now - at least until tomorrow which will Joe's first trip to the orthopaedic surgeon after the surgery. I feel an inate sense of freedom today and that's because I don't have a million "things for Joe" to do. I do have a super special shout out to Rob whose been a trouper and visiting Joe on a regular basis. I mean they play some Civ they watch some movies basically give me some me time.

Other than that things are the same - still hoping for a speedy recovery - although he seems to be doing better every day and is consistent with his exercises.

As his birthday is coming up I have thought about getting him physio sessions for his knee - that's right my gift will be the gift of mobility.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Guilty as sin

So Joe is back from the hospital - he's in some pain which should be expected. He has pretty much set up camp on the couch (the bed hurts his back too much). Occassionally he ventures up the stairs to the bathroom and 3-4 times a day to the kitchen to do his exercises. Which leaves me pretty much to make all the meals, do all the dishes, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and shovel the driveway. Oh did I forget that I have to bathe him and wash his hair. All this and I get to work 5 days a week and take him to all his appointments. Joe says thank you a lot but really that's all he can do. Here is where the guilt comes in I try not to get frustrated and pissed off but I do - by the end of the day I am exhausted and I mean bone tired exhausted. I know he can't help but he keeps saying stuff like"I wish I could do something for you but I can't" Dude buy me some flowers, ask someone over and give me some time so I can go out and eat with one of my girlfriends. I know this will get easier I just wish he put a little more thought into this wish I could something for ya thing. And because of this I feel guilty - I know that stay at home moms go through this except I work during the week too and I don't have a husband helper after five. Since he's been home I seriously haven't had time to stop. I guess I just get used to Joe taking up 1/2 the workload.

Okay enough of my bitching it just feels good to put some of these frustations down - I would never admit this to him nor would I want to go through what he is going through right now. I feel so much better now!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tired and a glutton for punishment

My God I am tired. Tonight the "dark night" which means that we don't have anything to do theatrewise - the show starts tomorrow night and as excited as I am tonight will consist of A LOT of sleep!

And just because apparantly I am some sort of glutton for punishment, Sunday, after the show wraps on Saturday night, I start rehearsals for the Importance of Being Earnest. Don't get me wrong I love love love that I got cast and am so excited to be in the show but right now my body is like "Seriously Lumini, you cannot be serious - let me rest for the love of all that is good and decent." My body is a little over dramatic :)

Speaking of my body I have reached my next gw and am down 30 lbs - way to go me!!! Only well... a lot more to go.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Safety second

Josh who was our director for KWLT's Canned Hamlet and Safety second the play first became a now common saying for any performance. So Kristy has graciously allowed me, Aleriel, Jackie and Tim to use the house for rehearsal. The bonus for me is I live a 2 second drive away!!

So on Saturday I started down the stairs to the basement and classic me I fell - didn't spill a drop of my coffee though (lol).

Anyway Joe was away this weekend and I was doing some ab work in the living room but it was too sore to lie on my back. I didn't check it out I just figured it was 'cause I fell.Joe came home today and we were getting "reaquianted" and I already told him that I fell and so I asked if there was a bruise and he looks and says "Oh my God" The picture is what he saw.

Also I was playing with my little degus and one of them got hurt although I don't know how. Here's a picture of my injured little guy. Although he seems to be okay now. It must have happened sometime today because he was fine yesterday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

There's irony for ya!

I was thinking last week how happy I was to be back at work and how much I love my job. To the point of ALMOST putting it in a thank you card for the gifts to my boss. It's amazing how fast that can change in a matter of days. Ron is being a total dickmaster and is the the foulest of moods is doing absolutely no legal work and is putting everything on me - seriously I'm done. Well, not really but it feels good the make the veiled threat - even if it just reminds me when I go back on these posts how I felt.

There is already one e-mail on here about him talking shit but he hasn't been rude - not yet anyway and Rachel thinks he was tearing up when she went in earlier. Anyway more work A LOT more work to do.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Back at it and tired to boot!

So Joe's now back at night school starting tonight. He goes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - he's hoping to get into the Wednesday night class but we'll see. So I did my new years cleaning of the dressers and closet and got rid of two garbage bagful's of clothes that I had to have but never seem to wear anymore. Oh well, more for the donation people next time they call.

Lately I have had a lot of trouble getting to bed not sleep mind you but actually getting to bed - I'm not doing anything terribly important (last night it was the terribly important game of Zuma) but I never seem to hit the hay until after midnight. It's not that I'm not tired - quite the opposite in fact - and it really seems to hit me in the morning when I have to get up for work the next day! At 35 I really should be able to put myself to bed at night!! It's quite disturbing really. Oh well, new plan ~ start getting ready at 10:00 (ie pjs, teeth brushed, face washed, clothes set out for next day etc) and in bed by no later than 10:45 p.m. Let's just see how that works for now. Geez you would think I was 3-5 not 35 :)