Friday, March 18, 2011

Second trimester - here I come!

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post, I would like to say it’s ‘cause I’m so busy but it’s moreso Paul doesn’t like it when I am supposed to be spending “quality time” watching T.V. with him – which I do – but he gets a little irked when I am on the computer while doing so. The things you do for your spouse eh?
Well here I in the my second trimester, the first one went by fast – not that it seemed it with the morning/noon and night sickness, weird cravings and fatigue. We’ve had two ultrasounds so far and are in for a few more before it’s all over. Mostly because of my age. I’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat three times which is cool. I still marvel there is a person growing inside of me. I could look at the ultrasound pictures every day of my life (and do since they are taped to my desk).
My job will be ending is six weeks which has me in a bit of panic state since I don’t have anything to go to yet. A lot of applications but until I hear you’re hired I don’t think I breath quite so easy.
Home life is good – puppy is growing and we bought our first major baby purchase- a playpen with a bassinet in it. Paul is an awesome mate and I am happy we’re married – might be a little moreso in Ontario but I’ll be visiting when the baby comes.
That’s all for now – more pregnancy updates to follow!