Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whose that doggie in the .....mirror??

Tayla is vey funny. She is fasinated with the dog in the mirror - she stands and stares at it repeatedly. She is either very curious and wants to know who the dogs is or is like the Evil Queen in Snow White and asking the mirror who the cutest dog in the mirror is :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yep we're expanding the family and loud noises

We are going to get another dog (yep another one). The Waterloo region allows three dogs per household so this would be it. We went to KW humane society and met a three year old miniature poodle. She was perfect- energy, so so cute, friendly and playful. Twenty minutes later the worker decided to tell us that she needs knee surgery to the tune of between $1,000-$3,000 and recovery would take 12-24 weeks yep up to 6 months where she'd be confined and not allowed to do much except heal. We bit the bullet and said sorry but we can't take her and it literally broke my heart.

We have now met Mimi (who hated Kiri), Princess (who went home with another family - we were next of the list) and Rocky. What can I say about Rocky, well we met him in the Guelph humane society who don't have the dogs meet, which I find weird, we took him for a walk, he's a three year old Lhasa Apso here is his profile:

A SUPER playful guy who loves rubber squeaky toys! Rocky seems to be house trained, walks well on a leash, and likes the company of other dogs. He knows how to sit, but is looking forward to obedience classes to help with some food intensity. Rocky will require regular grooming and brushing, and does have a non-shedding coat. He would do well in any home environment that can give him is daily exercise

We went to meet him on Friday but he was in surgery (getting neutered) so when we saw him on Saturday he wasn't very active and didn't seem very happy - I felt so bad for him. Anyway I have a phone interview of Tuesday and if that goes well we get him for a seven day trial and if that goes well he's ours; so we'll see.

On another note we went for a walk tonight and we already know that Kiri hates loud sounds, snow blowers, lawn mowers, nail guns scare the crap out of her....and so does the sound of fireworks - which happen to be going off. She was terrified, currently she is downstairs with Joe which NEVER happens - I went to give her a treat and she wouldn't even eat it. Can't wait until Canada Day!