Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A killer walks among us

So it's summer time - we get the occassional fly in the house but I bet now there be nary a fly in our house once the word gets out about the "killer". Kiri say it first. Kiri has been and never will be graceful in her "hunting". She just waited until it got kinda close and snapped at it and then got kinda board.

Tayla on the other hand...well that's a different story. Having been a stray she has honed her hunting skills and it was a matter of seconds before she took that little fly down it didn't stand a chance.

Is this the face of a killer??
Her partner in crime

You never forget the first time

I have been having problems with the muscles in my upper right leg. They go into spasms for no reason and has been sore for awhile. Last week I had a massage and the massage therapist could not believe how horribly tight it was - she is also an accupuncturist (is that a word?)
So today for the first timeI had accupuncture. I wish I could explain it but I couldn't. She put ten needles in my upper leg - 5 at the side and 5 on top. W-E-I-R-D!!! She left them in for 20 minutes and it was surreal. I called her in shortly after she put them in all freaked out. I felt like my leg was going to go into spasm at any moment but apparently that's normal. After she took them out the leg felt much better - since it's covered by my benefits - it's definately something I would do again. If I can get past the whole needles in my body thing .

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A funny thing no make that a weird thing happened while walking the dogs tonight

So I am taking to dogs out for the last walk of the night. This man comes walking up with a water bottled filled with a dark liquid. He says - do you drink? He sounds sober but what a weird random question. He asks me to smell what's in bottle and I throw my suspicions aside and do it. It smells like some sort of peppermint. The bottle has some black flakes on the side of the bottle that look suspiciously like pot or hash.
Apparently this guy chashed his son home and saw him throw something away and he is worried about what it may be. In the end he decided to take it to the police to figure out what it was.

A little bit about each one - part two


Now on the downside she loves poo - duck, goose and rabbit are particularly tasty.
She's our little Kiri girl, our silly goose and my sweet pea and we love her dearly.


Tayla is the newest member to our canine clan. We got her at 8 months on May 21, 2009 which makes her 10.5 months old now. At the time she came to us she knew no commands. She now knows - sit, stay, come, lie down and shake a paw. Come is selective though and dependant on whether she sees a bird, a bunny, a squirrel, another dog or really anything at all.

She is a poodle cross and looks a lot like a stuffed animal.

She is very playful and loves playing with Kiri. She wants to play with Cosmo but is a little timid. She is timid of both people and other dogs.

With Joe and I she is very much a people dog. She inists on lying with you, sitting beside you, laying on feet while you stand to do dishes and follows you around whenever you move like, well like a puppy. She is a big on cuddles but not kisses. She hates sleeping on the floor and waits until we are asleep (sometimes) and jumps up the bed to sleep with us.

She's crate training and while she doesn't really like her crate she tolerates it because it usually involves treats. She loves the water but hates baths. She'd like to swim but we haven't let her (on purpose) yet.

If you put ice cubes in her water dish she will fish them out with her paw and eat them.

She is the fastest running dog I have seen like a little speed demon. When you are playing with her she will curl her lip, squint her eyes and becomes 'demon dog'.

She a chewer but she doesn't chew things she shouldn't (shocking to see what that's like).

She our Tayla, our little muppet and my silly monkey.

Demon dog Sitting pretty

Our little stuffed animal

Kiri's reaction to

Tayla fishes for icecubes

A little bit about each one

A big reason for writing this blog is because a lot of parents chronical things about their children and I am doing the same thing about my dogs. So here goes:


Cosmo is the oldest member of our canine family. He will be 8 years old on September 8th. He is the only one that we have an exact birthday for - he was picked up in a pet store by my brother's family. Linda runs a day care and while Cosmo took the pokes, prods and pulls for a while as he grew up he grew less tolerable. While he never bit nor niped a child he got more and more cranky and it was best he was kept in the basement - however with the busy, busy life of the McCool/Lumini household he was occassionally forgotten. So he came to live with us. He is definately a momma's boy (I believe I have Linda and Teresa to thank for that). He loves older people and can tolerate children. He does get stressed out when we have a lot of children over - he gets growly but when that happens we take him to the bedroom to chill out.

Cosmo was named because he had a star shape on his forhead which has since disappeared. I don't have puppy pictures but I have A LOT since he's lived with us.

He has his own quirks - after he "marks" he territory he runs like a little fiend - like he's so very very excited that he's told the dog world he's been there. He loves to give kisses - lots and lots of kisses. He also loves to get picked up and often crawls under the bed when he wants to get away from it all. He gets his haircut 4-5 times a year. He loves fetching (at home) and he 'loves' some toys more than others. He will play with Kiri but not Tayla - he's not too sure about her yet - but he doesn't hate her either. He will do anything for a treat - he knew sit, stay, come and sit pretty when he came to us. He also now gives a paw, lies down and rolls over. He has a little bit of arthritis in he left leg which is bothered more in the winter and when it does he just picks it up and hops along on three legs. He is my little man, my Cosmopolitan, Moe, Cosmoses and I love him very much.


Kiri came to live with us in September of 2008. She was five months old and oh so adorable when we got her. We got her so Cosmo would have a friend. Although it tool a few weeks he finally realized she was here to stay and now he loves her. She looks up to Comso and plays with her but Cosmo was older than her puppy self so she had a lot of energy.

She knew sit and come but now can stay, give a paw and lay down. Roll over is a challenge because she gets scared to going on her side and when I put her there she freaks out and stuggles to sit up.

Kiri HATES loud noises; snowblowers, lawnmowers and most importantly fireworks. Fireworks don't scare her; they terrify her. She won't got out, hides in the basement and if you do try to take her out she crawls into the closet and hides there.

She is a people dog but only on her own terms. If you try to cuddle or sit beside her she gets up and moves but often will come up and lie by you - as long as you don't do if first. She's also a chewer - we have lost: shoes, cds, phones, socks, underwear, hats, photos, books, bed sheets and other things which I am sure I am forgetting.

While she loves us both she clearly favours Joe. She will give kisses on her terms - however I find it terribly funny that if Joe asks she might give him kisses but 90% of the time she's give me kisses.

She loves getting carried upstairs but is getting a little too heavy but often won't come to bed unless you carry her up - at least partway.