Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Grrr!! I hate that song. It has snown A LOT these past few days. I miss the year that it didn't snow until Christmas Eve - that was just last year I believe!!!

Well there is more than a 'light dusting' when I got up this morning - Rachel and I seem to be leaving for work earlier and earlier but getting to work at about the same time - oh the joys of the winter season. There will be a crapload of shovelling when I get home tonight - the good news Joe's night classes have finished so he can help - BAH HA HA!

Good news though my Christmas shopping is almost done yeah - one more gift for Joe and Rachel and tonight I am heading over to Stephen's - the thought is take pictures of the kids (25 black and white and 25 in colour of each one) choose the best one and print and frame for my parents - I am running out of ideas for them each year. I picked up for my brother and my sister in law this Niagara overnight stay - I hope they like it and more important USE IT!!!

Work has slowed down a bit finally and we are off from December 21 to January 2 whoo hoo! 2.5 to go and then 11 days off - can't wait.