Monday, November 26, 2007

The weekend

We (Joe and I) went to his work Christmas party on Saturday - since he's only been there for three weeks so he didn't know very many people but it was still fun. It was at the Transylvania club. The food was okay but nothing amazing. We left soon after dinner. I wore the dress that Joe bought me when we were in Austalia - yes I realize it is an oriental dress.

Sunday we went bowling with Avery again

Sunday night I had my first read through - rehearsals start on Thursday - Wednesday I have an improv workshop. Kristy and I are going together.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lights, audience ACTION

Well I found out yesterday that I got the part - Whoo hoo. Kristy is the other character in the play double whoo hoo!!!! It's way more lines and way more responsibility but I am sooooo happy! It runs from January 31 to February 2, 2008!
Note the awesomeness of me in the pictue (ha ha)

Work is not as stressful as of late. We might get those nasty clients (can't mention the name due to confidentiality) off our back F-I-N-A-L-L-Y The proposal came in from the mediator today! Let's just see what happens!

The season is starting already unfolding with snow yesterday (grrr!) and my schedule filling up - which I love but hate at the same time. Last week I was in TO to visit friends, this weekend is Jacki's housewarming tonight, Joe's Christmas party tomorrow, Sunday will consist of soccer at 10, bowling with Rachel and Avery at 1 followed by an early dinner because my read through is from 6-10 Sunday night - yikes!

Next week I have to start my Christmas shopping. Rachel and I are going to spend Saturday doing our thing - it will probably go a little faster without Avery :)

Other than that things are really, really great - I love this season even though it's busy.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Never again....

Will I weigh over 200 lbs - I finally hit 199.0 and I am proud and very very happy - now only 80 more to go!!!I just have to remember that and remind myself that Michelle's wedding is only 10 short months away. It's getting harder to eat less in front of Joe - it works that I say I'm not hungry and eat later - and then he goes to school and I don't have to eat anything all night Whoo hoo! And no one here at work really cares what I eat anyway.I took a ton of b/w photos last night (yes all of me) and they are all organized into fours which will go to my parents - this sound very vain but damn I am looking fine - I even consider doing a few to hand up but we'll see - I do want to laminate my acting posters only because it's so so much fun and I want to remember my achivements.Anyway at work so I will sign off and maybe later add a couple of smokin' photos.