Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miscellaneous puppy stuff :)

Cosmo and Kiri bring so much joy to our lives - here are some new pictures

Puppies under the bed - this bed is in the spare bedroom Cosmo loves going under it - it's like his little cave and we know if Cosmo likes it ....Kiri is bound to follow :)

Kiri loves getting a bath however she also likes sticking her head while you are in the shower - repeatedly:

Talk about a bad hair day

Cosmo has a stuffed bone that he absolutely loves (in more ways than one). Kiri loves to destroy some most thing and loves to rip out stitches. Cosmo however pulled all the stuffing out of this one.

Cosmo views the carnage he caused

They say you should sleep when the baby sleeps - does that inclue little dogs too??


So we spent Christmas day at Joe's parents - we had a wonderful time.