Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow dogs

So we took the dogs to park - we haven't bee since it snowed, they had a great time - Cosmo is a little small but can get around okay, Kiri just bounds around like a bunny

Of course Joe and Cosmo went for a swing. Joe likes the swing and Cosmo loves going up in his lap when he swings.

Kiri chases Joe around:

All tired out from all the fun

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New pictures of Kiri

I love her ears in this one

It's unbelivable how fast she is growing up. New pictures of Kiri:

Captain Hook's Revenge

Come one come all to KWLT's pantomine Captain Hook's revenge.

Captain Hook's Revenge

In this new take on the classic tale of Peter Pan, Captain Hook plots his revenge against the young boy with the help of his crew of enthusiastic but inept pirates. With the help of the Lost Girls and other Neverland locals, Peter has to find a new wife for the chief of the Neverland tribe, a mother for the Lost Girls, and save his new English friends from Captain Hook's fury.
Captain Hook's Revenge is a traditional English Pantomime. An English tradition for the Christmas season, Pantomime involves wild plots, memorable characters in colourful costumes, song and dance. Brave heroes and crafty villains, knock-knock jokes and lewd humour all combine to make Pantomime fun and friendly for the whole family to enjoy. Audience participation is strongly encouraged – lest ye walk the plank! - check out the trailer!!! Cut and paste the link.

The dentist - parts 1 through 4

So about two years ago I had a root canal done and before I had the crown put on I had no benefits so the I didn't get a crown. Along the way the tooth cracked and since I have benefits now I decide it's time to fix it. The Wednesday before Halloween I went in and made an appointment. That night I was eating a brownie I took a large bite and thought "Oh I didn't know these brownies had walnuts." Well it wasn't a walnut it was a part of my tooth. So I call the dentist the next day and they fit me in on Friday. So I go in a x-rays are done and a temporary filling is put in. They make another appointment. I get there and they remove the temporary filling however my gums have grown and they are in the way so the pull back the gums (owww) and put in another temporary filling in an attempt to push the gums back. I went in again this Monday however the gums haven't been pushed back enough so I get to go in again Monday coming up. If the gums still haven't receded enough I get to have the gums removed with a laser. Now the problem is the corner of my gum - it's quite thick and they don't know why. If there is just gum then everything is fine. If there is ligament or bone then I get to have gum surgery. I find out next Monday oh joy!!!