Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More work stuff

So this is what happened yesterday.

Mrs. H and I set up an appointment fore her to come in a get me documents I need to prepare her claim. She suggests Tuesday but can I stay late because she has to wait for her husband to get home so fine I say I'll wait for later. So I grab extra clothes and prepare to stay and then go right to rehearsal. She calls me at 2:3o to cancel. I point out that I rearranged my night and she gets all snotty - then she asks what time I get in in the morning. I say "nine" she says "I'll see you then." I came in at 8 to make sure everything is ready and I had an interview at a placement agency at 7. Guess who doesn't show until 11:49 yep you guessed it Mrs. H.

I have seriously got to get another job. These people (a) don't realize how much I do (b) think they can talk to me anyway they like and (c) think Ron does most of the week - if they only knew!!

Not going to take it anymore

So I have decided to look for a new job - yesterday Ron gave me yet another task - so I tried to tell him about all the work I have and freaks out and says "That's why I told you to come in and we can prioritize" I said "Everything has to be done right now" So he yells " I don't need you walking around out there all uptight. And you have been for the last few weeks." So I say "I don't think I'm being uptight." and he says "Well I do. That's all - thank you - shut the door when you leave." So I left and I plan to leave that jackass and the firm too. He's said before "If you leave the firm shuts down." So f**k it - maybe you shouldn' t talk to me like a piece of crap. And this is not the first time - in fact I've lost count so when he asks why I'll tell him no problem.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Enough already

Okay seriously Mother Nature has got to stop it. 15 cm last and 30 more on the way. I will shovel but I don't have any whereto put the snow. So last night I was shovelling when Joe got home when he left for class and hour later and continued -for a total an hour an 40 minutes. So by my calculation that was 15 cm so 30 cm should take me 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Oh and my shovel broke - that's right my shovel cracked about 30 minutes in. I fully believe that if your shovel breaks then there should be no more snow. So my poor little red shovel is no more. Note the crack down the centre now it works but just not well.

So I figure I should get new shovel since there a storm acomin'.

So I stop off at the Super Centre which is where I got my little red shovel two years ago. So I get there and find someone eventually. I find that the bigger the store the harder it is to find someone to help you. So.... I ask the guy and he laughs (not the time buddy, not the time) and he says "we don't have shovels" and I say "you used to have shovels right?" and he says "Yeh but that was the begining of winter. You should try Canadian Tire."
So I head to Canadian Tire. Now I can't find show shovels so I find someone.... eventually. So I say "do you have snow shovels?" and he says "we got 4 dozen in but I think that they are all gone." So he calls someone and I wait about 10 minutes and someone calls back and yep you guessed it no shovels. So by my calculation in the last few days 48 people came in and bought shovels. So he says "you should go to Rona." So I say "Could you call Rona to see if they have shovels so I don't waste a trip?" So the CT guy hands me a phonebook and WALKS AWAY. So I look up Rona and try to call with the phone on the desk but it's just for paging people. So I grab my cell phone and call and Rona has shovels.
So I head to Rona and spend $23.72 for something I did not want to do something I don't want to do. Here is my pretty new blue shovel.

And here they are side by side - my old red shovel and my new blue shovel. It's not as wide but I suppose it works just as well.

I guess I'll find sooner than later.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Does anybody listen anymore

What is up with people these days? Are we so wrapped up in what we have to do or say that we have stopped listening?

The phone number at work here is 886-2020 - unfortunatley the optometrist down the street has a phone number that is 885-2020. The phone here is answered "Good (time of day) thank you for calling Mr. Culley's office. How may I help you" And the response frequently is "I'd like to make an appointment to for eyes OR I'm calling to confirm my appointment for tomorrow." Our receptionist has been tempted on more than one occasion to just make an appointment and hang up. I understand the numbers are very close BUT people listen to her or me or whoever answers the phone - it seems we are too caught up in what we want to say that we stop listening.

What irks me even more is when voicemail picks up and it goes through the name, the address, the e-mail etc AND people still leave messages for someone else - for example Mr. Neilson (it doesn't even sound like Culley) gave the cancer society the wrong mailing address so his tickets were returned and customer service called and wanted to know could he call and give them the correct address - apparently Mr. Neilson left the wrong phone number too - ha ha - so I call and spend 10 minutes of my valuable time trying to clear this up because I can't just call - they have to pull up his file and check his information and ask me what the information here is and then yes have to ask me if there is a Mr. Neilson here - really c'mon stop making me want to bitch slap you - if there was a Mr. Neilson here don't think I would have said that within the first second or two!!

Or someone calls the optometrist and leaves a message on the machine that they won't be able to make their appointment or will be late and yes we have to call Dr. Sloss and inform him we were told that their patient was not coming or will be coming late.

So please people listen to that message as annoying as it may be - you just may be calling the wrong number and some people just may not pass on the message.