Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to my obstacle course

So I have reached the point where I have less to pack than I have packed - the p.roblem now is it's piddly stuff - I also can't pack EVERYTHING because I still have 15 days before I go. I need 10 work outfits and I need 2 necessity boxes, 1 Comso box and a Pepper box. And now my apartment, which is quite large has become somewhat of an obstacle course

The dogs is getting a little uneasy - last time this happened he lost 3/5 of his pack. And gained a litten (while they'd never admit it they love each other) and although he doesn't realize it he's gonna gain 3 pack members only they will be of the human variety and it won't be all the time since we only get the kids for 3.5 hours a day and every second weekend.

The cat however is having a blast - she in boxes and out, behind object and can jump from box to box like a bunny (or a cat).

I can't believe I'm almost down to two weeks and Paul isn't just coming for a visit. He's coming to take me home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A whole range of emotions

I am moving...in 19 days and I have a range of emotions that I am going through. On one end I am very excited. A new city (sort of), a new job, a new life (with kids) and I get to be with Paul which in itself is amazing - no more watching tv on the phone together, getting to kiss and hug him whenever I want. But on the other hand I am sad. I am leaving a job I love, friends who are amazing and a city that I know - I know where things are - I love my apartment - I do love living alone and, sadly, I love that Tim Hortons is right across the street.

Regardless, today is a day that I am excited. I am packing like a mad woman I did laundry (which I had to pay for) for the last time - whoo hoo - and the fact that I am going to be sitting beside him in three weeks makes me so happy.

Yesterday was a bad day - I hated the idea of moving. It probably didn't help I spend nine hours at work filing and organizing - it just really hit me when I was "closing" things up at work and getting ready for the new girl.

And I had a long talk with Paul last night and feel so much better. And Jacki made a comment on my facebook that made me feel so much better (and the glass of wine in the bath probably didn't hurt either).

So we agreed that I'll be back and forth a while and that ok - I'm allowed :)