Friday, December 31, 2010

Diary of a puppy owner

We have acquired two new girl puppies (lab/shepherd cross) and I need to start training now - we are purchasing one more crate to start crate training the puppies but they need to be six months before they can be in the crate for 8 hours and these little guys are one two months but they do need to start getting used to their crates. They can make it about 8 hours at night without accidents because they are in the bathroom with a blanket, they go down about 11 and get up around 7 (which will change to 6:45 when I start work) and this will serve as a diary as well as help me figure out their schedules

So today so far was as follows:

Fizzle (F) and Nayla (N)

7am - up of puppies out - both peed and pooed

7:30 - food and water provided
8:00 F peed (in the house)

8:30 N (pooed in house)

9:00 - puppies napped

9:49 - F peed outside

9:58 - F peed outside and pooed; N peed

10:10 - puppied napped.

When N and F go into the dining room it is a sure-fire sign they need to go outside,

Puppies will need to be crated 4 times a day for 1/2 to 1 hour a day (when napping -3 times and during meals)

Cosmo had a panic attack today - it was standard (if you can call a panic attack standard).

We need to create a puppy room for the day when we are gone for eight hours so that will be done today. Hopefully pictures to follow.

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