Thursday, May 19, 2011's been awhile

...since my last post but here it is. Spring/summer is definatly here and this is when I start loving Saint John again. The nights are warm, it's light later and you actually hear the crickets and can see lots and lots of stars when it gets darker.

This summer is going to awesome but different than any summer I have ever known. When I was 19-20 we would sit outside at the boardwalk and watch things that were going on - bands, talent shows, and Friday and Saturday night sit outside enjoying rum and cokes with occassional trip inside to dance and then it's back outside to cool off the lean against your honey - who incidentally at that time in my life - was Paul more often than not. What can I say he always had me - wish it hadn't taken me so damn long to realize it though.

Nowadays it's bonfires, bbqs and booze (in much more moderation these days). But this summer will be different. I'll miss my strawberry daquaris and will be a little further away from the bonfire smoke but it'll all be worth it because come September there will be a little life that I have been responsible the last six months now - wow - soon I'll be in my last trimester. Every time the baby moves it's miraculous, everytime it kicks I marvel, everytime Paul says he feels the baby my heart swells. The baby belly is definatly there and will only get bigger but it will be a summer I'll never forget - my baby and the love of my life - what more could a girl ask for.

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